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What is Howler?

Howler is transactional email integrated to your customer management, member management, and donor management software. We use information stored in your database to automate personalised emails to your customers, members and donors, sent instantly and automatically 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Howler liberates you from mundane administrative tasks from your daily operations, allowing you concentrate on customer service, member retention and building up your donor base like never before.

"Instant, 24x7 Responses"

Driving your membership retention

Knowing that your critical business email has been delivered is the first benefit.

Every email is tracked. Bounced email? Howler automatically sends the email account owner an SMS. Subscription renewal message unopened? Howler knows this. Renewal email read, renewal page visited, but your customer didn’t renew? Howler knows this too!

Armed with this knowledge, Howler can drive member retention by sending reminders at any time. Howler caters messages to each scenario. Howler does this all automatically, without you even needing to lift a finger. 

"Get to know Howler"

It just works

We make technology that just works.  And that's because we base our solutions on products that just work.

We use Mandrill.  Guaranteed delivery.  Every message delivered, tracked, measured.

And we use Kentico.  Easy-to-use, state-of-the-art content management and marketing support.  With Kentico EMS, we can add tracking of your website traffic as part of the round trip analytics capture.

"Every message delivered and measured"

See Howler in Action

The best way to learn about Howler is to see it in action. The videos below cover everything from the basic to some of the more advanced capabilities of Howler.

Introducing Howler
Get to know Howler
Renewals by Howler
Unsubscribe direct to your CRM
Easy to understand pricing
Installing Howler